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     CJSC “ EnergoProject” is the leading company of Russia on designing electro network and power objects.
     CJSC “ EnergoProject” was established in September 2004. “EnergoProject” is composed of employees of the Leningrad division of complex design (LenOKP), “Northwestenergonetproject” institute and major part of subdivisions of “Weastselenenergoproekt” institute. The organizations mentioned were pioneers in electrification of Russia and were playing the leading role in the field of designing electric net objects in the northwest of Russia for many years. 
    CJSC “ EnergoProject” is carrying out complex design of the objects of any complexity and with the main voltage up 750 kV. 

     The competent human resources and modern technical base make it possible for “EnergoProject” to develop the breakthrough technologies solutions for construction of new and reconstruction of old substations, aerial cable lines with application of the newest equipment, means of fiber-optic communication.

      Press overview

18.11.2011: A great celebration of the National Day of Designer took place in CJSC EnergoProekt

Company’s Top-management congratulated all employees with their professional holiday, thanked engineers for everything they do, appreciated their responsibility, excellent discipline, and expressed a hope that all designs would be fulfilled at a good speed, high quality and on time. According to Chief engineer Victor Silin, the work of designers is a preamble of any start-up because, after all, only they decide what people will have as a result -  substation, overhead transmission line, or industrial building.

"Every holiday, which is celebrated in our company, and especially such an important one, as Day of Designer – is an excellent opportunity to socialize with colleagues, to raise a toast to our successes and achievements, and discuss expected job prospects. I heartily congratulate all designers with their professional holiday and wish them successful realization of current and future projects ", - commented CJSC" EnergoProekt " General Director Gagik Zakharyan.

27.10.2011: High technologies to children



Solemn ceremony for delivery of computers to “Kingiseppsky orphan asylum No. 2” for orphaned children and children without parental guardianship took place on October 26, 2011.

     CJSC “EnergoProject” systematically takes the lead in various charity affairs in the context of support of the state policy with regard to integrated solution of the youth problems as well as in the framework of the company social program. For example, all the company employees took part and made their contribution in the action “Happy schoolchild” on collection of stationery for The Knowledge Day. Being aware of the fact that educational component is the basis on which the whole system of elevation of the cultural and professional level of the youth as well as of the whole commonwealth is formed, the management of CJSC “EnergoProject” has allotted 11 full optional modern computers for the charity action “High technologies to children”.

     General Director of the company “EnergoProject” Gagik Zakharyan: “The computer with access to the international network Internet is first of all the powerful instrument of world learning, child intellectual abilities development, outlook broadening as well as of communication with coevals all over the world. I am very glad that our company has possibility to hold the charity activities of the kind and to render help to those who is in need. Indeed, as is known, children are our future and we have to do our very best to make it better”.

     “A growing number of successful commercial companies in Russia become aware of their social responsibility and strive to make their contribution to the development of our society. It is pleasant that the company “EnergoProject” has selected our orphan asylum of all others to hold this wonderful charitable action. Now our computer class for children is fully equipped. We hope to continue cooperation and express sincere appreciation to all the staff of the company for the rendered aid,” commented the director of Municipal state educational institution “Kingiseppsky orphan asylum No. 2” of the Leningrad region Elena Degtyareva. 

21.10.2011: Conference Innovations in electric power construction 2011

      The 2-nd international workshop conference “Innovations in electric power construction” took place on October 19-20, 2011 in Saint-Petersburg. A range of non-commercial partnerships of self-regulated organizations were the organizers of the conference, among them: “ENERGOSTROY”, “Association of Electric Power Constructors”, “EnergoStroyAlliance”, “INVEL” as well as one of the largest participants of the energy industry of North-West JSC “Lenenergo”.

      The representatives of the Committee on energetic of State Duma of the Russian Federation, of Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, of the executive personnel of the Plenipotentiary of the President in the Northwestern Federal District, of JSC “Holding MRSK” JSC RusHydro, JSC FGC UES, a range of research-and-development centers as well as progressive domestic and foreign companies and suppliers of equipment involved in the electric power construction sector and construction and erection organizations took active part in the conference.

      Deputy General director Andrey Naryshkin and and Chief engineer Viktor Silin were delegated by CJSC “EnergoProject” to take part in the conference.

      Great number of meetings, briefings and round tables dedicated to discussion of the latest technical decisions and current problems in the energy industry of the Russian Federation took place in the course of two-day meetings in the framework of session “Innovations in electricity supply network construction” and “Efficiency and power saving in construction”.

      As Andrey Naryshkin mentioned, the most fierce dispute arose on discussing report “Improvement of quality of power delivery to the final consumers. Development of infrastructure of charging stations for electric vehicle”, so as this trend is one of the most important from the ecological point of view and is strongly supported by the Government.

      "Considering specificity of work of CJSC “EnergoProject” the most interesting for us from practical point of view are such reports as : "Problem analysis of electric power construction and the approved methods of their solution”, “Innovative monitoring system of distributed parameters of overhead transmission lines.” and “Experience in development and application of steel multisided supports and their foundations for overhead transmission lines 110-500 kV,” commented Victor Silin.

      This year the conference organizers paid a lot of attention to the peculiarities of training and professional development of the employees of the energy industry and to consideration of current problems of energy efficiency in the training programs. The reports connected with these topics were prepared by the professors of the leading universities of Saint-Petersburg and the discussion of these problems captured the attention of a number of the industry participants.

      “Summarizing the results of the conference in is possible to state that the Russian energy sphere develops rapidly and is abreast with world-wide tendencies in the area of energy efficiency and safety actively cooperating with the leading suppliers of equipment and scientific institutes. The importance of conferencing of such an extent is unconditional as during such events exchange of experience, presentation of the latest achievements, technologies, equipment, partnering and summarizing the results of fruitful work takes place,” outlined the General director of CJSC “EnergoProject” Gagik Zakharyan.

06.10.2011: JSC EnergoProekt successfully passed an inspection to the correspondence to JSC AK Transneft specifications

     In September, 2011 an inspection to the correspondence of the organization to specifications OR 91.010.20-KTN-220-10 “Procedure of organization and carrying out procedures of choosing subcontractors to maintain design and explorations works for organizations of “Transneft” system” took place in JSC “EnergoProekt”

     The inspection was carried out by specialists of “Baltnefteprovod” LLC and JSC “Giprotruboprovod” according to the check schedule of companies, which aspire to fulfill design and explorations works on the objects of “Transneft” system organizations.

     JSC “EnergoPorekt” management quality and certification department coordinated cooperation between divisions of the company and relying party, providing all necessary information. Commission highly appreciated financial condition, equipment and qualification of JSC “EnergoPoekt” employees and confirmed capability of the company to fulfill design and explorations works for “Transneft” system organizations.

     An act of inspection is directed to the Tender Department of JSC “AK “Transneft” for making a decision to list JSC “EnergoProekt” in the register of organizations, which confirmed their capability to fulfill design and explorations works for “Transneft” system organizations.

05.10.2011: CJSC EnergoProject has successfully passed the inspection on compliance with requirements of OJSC AK Transneft

      The regular inspection on company compliance with the requirements of R 91.010.20-N-220-10 “The order of arrangement and carrying out procedures on selection of subcontractors to fulfill design and survey work for the institutions of the system “Transneft” took place in September of 2011 in CJSC “EnergoProject”.

      The inspection was carried out by the specialists of LLC “Baltnefteprovod” and JSC “Giprotruboprovod” in accordance with the schedule of inspection of companies – applicants for fulfillment of design and survey work on the objects of the institutions of the system “Transneft”.

      The department of quality management and certification of CJSC “EnergoProject” coordinated the interaction of structural subdivisions with the relying party providing all the necessary information. The following persons were involved in the inspection activities: Adviser Director General on design Volkov G.N., Deputy Head of LenOKP Lurje D.V., employees of Project Office, of Department of Human Resources, of Department of Economics and Finance, of Investigation Department, of IT Department, of Legal Department, of Accounting Department.

      The commission highly appreciated the financial state, technology intensiveness and qualification of the stuff of CJSC “EnergoProject” and confirmed the ability of the company to fulfill design and survey work for the purposes of the institutions of the system “Transneft”.

      The inspection certificate is forwarded to the department of tender organization and carrying out of OJSC AK Transneft for the purpose of decision making on registering CJSC “EnergoProject” in the Register of institutions confirmed the readiness to fulfill design and survey work on the objects of the institutions of the system “Transneft”.


22.09.2011: Fuel-and-energy sector Goblet on futsal

From left to right: Altukhov Dmitry, Malyshevich Dmitry, Klimeshov Maxim, Vakhmistrov Alexander, Akinshin Vladimir, Presnyakov Sergey
Kostin Dmitry, Petrov Dmitry, Chernov Alexander, Vlasovets Denis

     The annual futsal tournament “Fuel-and-energy sector Goblet” supported by Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation took place already in twice on September 17–18, 2011 in Moscow in the sports center USK “Krylatskoe”. According to the rules of the organizers the teams were formed from the staff of the companies of fuel and energy sector of Russia. This time 24 amateur football teams took part in the competition. Design institute CJSC “EnergoProject” included in the Group of Companies “EFESk” took part in the tournament of the kind for the first time. The competitives were divided into six groups by four teams in each one. “EnergoProject” select team performed in group “B” along with the teams of companies “Energonetproject”, SIEMENS and CEMC UES joined.

     Already on the first day the “EnergoProject” select team reached the “Golden series” of Play-Off. In the course of competition only one goal was shot to the woodwork of the design institute by the players of the “EnergoProject” select team in group “B”. The total 13 goals were shot in the framework of the tournament by the team to the woodwork of the opposing team. As a result of the strained football combats the team of CJSC “EnergoProject” reached 1/8 of cup-final giving up one penalty to the team of Leningrad NPP and having got sixth place in the destination table. In the course of the following competition the “Fuel-and-energy sector Goblet” was won by the select team of Inter RAO UES.

     «“Carrying out sport tournaments is the necessary condition for the establishment of friendly and partnership relations between the colleagues in the sector," shared his impressions Alexander Vakhmistrov, the player of “EnergoProject”. Football is the great energetic, coordinated play and mutual work of all the members of the team! I think that the mutual actions at the football field can help participants in forming new team principles, straightening correlation and loyalty to each other which is so essential in our daily work,” said Sergey Shmatko, Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation in his welcome video-address to the participants of the tournament.

We congratulate our football team and wish numerous wins to the players!


05.09.2011: Happy schoolchild

The traditional charitable action “Happy schoolchild” started on August 1, 2011 in CJSC “EnergoProject”. Within a month the staff of the company acquired paints, brushes, drawing-books, exercise books, pens and the other things important to every schoolchild for the children of orphan asylums. All the selected stationery was delivered to the handicapped children of the boarding school No. 9 of Kalininsky District of Saint-Petersburg on on September 2, 2011.

“The infantile cerebral paralysis children study in our school. The advertence and care are especially important for them. In is obvious that our pupils will be very glad to all the presents that they received for the new school year from the employees of CJSC “EnergoProject”, comments Lyubov Georgievna, Deputy Director on educational work of boarding school No. 9. “We are very glad that such a wonderful idea on selection of presents for orphan asylums and boarding school strikes a chord annually among the stuff of the company. We hope that for the new school year we have made life of handicapped children slightly more happy,” - outlined the General Director of CJSC “EnergoProject” Gagik Zakharyan.

General Director of CJSC “EnergoProject” Gagik Zakharyan handed letters of gratitude to the employees of architectural and construction sector in accordance with their professional holiday “The Day of Constructor” on August 12, 2011. Gagik Zakharyan on behalf of management of CJSC “EnergoProject” and on his own behalf thanked the specialists of construction industry for their high professionalism, responsibility, discipline of excellence and wished them the following success in performance of the most trailblazing projects. According to the words of Gagik Zakharyan, the architectural and construction sector is the integral element of the highly professional team of the company. “Owing to the irreproachable work of the competent constructors-designers we develop not only electric power but also construction sections of technical documentation. Therefore, CJSC “EnergoProject” proposes to a customer the services on complex designing of objects of electrical energy industry of any complexity,” mentioned the Director.

12.08.2011: Day of Constructor

     JSC “EnergoProekt” General Director awarded company’s best people from architectural and construction sector with letters of gratitude on the occasion of their professional holiday- «Day of Constructor».

     On behalf of the Company’s management GagikZakharyan thanked engineers for their high competence, responsibility, excellent discipline, and wished a good speed in fulfilling of all designs.

     According to Mr. Zakharyan, architectural and construction sector is a very important part of Company’s team. “Thanks to the impeccable work of the highly competent constructors-designers we are able to elaborate not only electrical, but also construction parts of project documentation. Thus, JSC “EnergoProekt” offers the Customer services on complex design of energy facilities of any complexity”,-notes JSC “EnergoProekt” General Director.

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JSC EnergoProekt successfully passed an inspection to the correspondence to JSC AK Transneft specifications


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CJSC EnergoProject has successfully passed the inspection on compliance with requirements of OJSC AK Transneft


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