The city of Fort Washington MD is right next to Washington DC. Did you know that? There are so many interesting places not too far away from the nation’s capital. Have you been to DC? If not, you will want to check out that area, too, and of course you can make your way into the charming CDP of Fort Washington. When you do, check out these top four places of interest.

Fort Washington Park is one cool place to visit, and it’s a major part of US history. Up until the time of the Civil War, this particular fort was the only defense in place Washington DC. The tour of this fort is led by rangers, so you know you’re going to get quite a lot of historical information. You will find this major attraction located at 13551 Fort Washington Road.

Fort Foote Park is also a wonderful place to visit. You will find this park located not far away at all from the fort mentioned above. This park also has a history, and as a matter of fact, you will see artifacts in relation to the Revolutionary War. You can get a great view of the Potomac River, and according to pictures on a top travel site, you can even enjoy a little walk along the beach.

Next you might want to visit Accokeek Farms at Piscataway Park. Located at 3400 Bryan Point Road, Accokeek Farms at Piscataway Park is comprised of approximately 4500 acres. What are you going to see when you are there? You’re going to find a colonial farm, and it’s like stepping back into the 18th century. That is enough to see and experience right there, but there are other areas of interest within the park as well.

Do you enjoy kayaking or canoeing? If so, then you should get in touch with Atlantic Kayak. Located at 13600 King Charles Terrace, Atlantic Kayak is home to quite an adventure. If you have never taken a kayaking tour, this is your opportunity. It’s a great way to see more of the area.

Fort Washington, Maryland is quite an interesting city, isn’t it? Right by DC, you know this city isn’t going to disappoint. There is so much history there. When you do run out of places to visit, you can make your way into the nation’s capital. Have a great time exploring Fort Washington MD.